How To Style Your Florida Beach Wedding Aisle

How To Style Your Florida Beach Wedding Aisle

Styling your Florida beach wedding aisle is a way to make your wedding experience more personal and incorporate an overall theme. It involves a lot of things, not just picking the right colors but also getting the right atmosphere. You need to think of details for each aspect of your wedding to know what you’d like to achieve. This includes the decor and flowers and the music and food. It adds a lovely touch to the ceremony when you have a beautiful aisle for you, and your guests would come down. One of the easiest ways to add color and a personal touch to your wedding ceremony is by adding decoration next to or attached to the chairs directly along the aisle that matches your theme and color scheme.

Importance of Styling Your Aisle

One significant detail for your Florida beach wedding is your aisle styling. You want to make sure that it’s something you love and fits your theme. It can be a very intimate moment, and everything should be perfect.

Ways To Style Your Florida Beach Wedding

You can have different styles to choose from; you can apply the following options.

  • Use plants: Pick flowers or other foliage native to Florida, and they will hold up best in hot weather throughout the year.
  • Use ribbons: Ribbons can be used as a neutral decoration in all colors. Add them to chairs along the edges of the aisle for a soft touch.
  • Create an archway: Arches are beautiful accents that can be made out of anything from bamboo and flowers to metal and driftwood.
  • Hang lanterns: Lantern cages that protect from the ocean breeze are perfect for adding exciting and intricate decor along the beach wedding aisle and look good hanging just about anywhere. Then for the reception, hang the same ones in the tent or gazebo, or use them as centerpieces on tables.
  • Palm fronds and rose petals: These choices are popular, strewn, or lain directly on or along your soft sand aisle.
  • Kissing Balls: These balls of solid flowers, or wicker frames with a few flowers, can be hung from hooks and made in any color.
  • Pails. For a rustic look, metal pails filled with flowers scream country on the beach.

Floral Options for Your Florida Beach Wedding Aisle

The floral décor on the aisle is one of the most critical elements when styling your Florida beach wedding. You want to incorporate soft, romantic florals with a beachy feel. Whether Hydrangeas, roses, orchids, or wildflowers, consider hardy and long-lasting flowers, so they will survive the sun and sand without wilting or losing shape. There are various ways to display your flowers on your Florida wedding aisle. You can make them look natural by placing them in a big bucket filled with sand and scattering them along the aisle in hanging ‘kissing balls.’ Alternatively, you could style them in vases or empty jars placed on the ground or hanging on hooks.

Best Shoe Options for Walking on Sand

One of the biggest challenges of having a Florida beach wedding is how to walk down the aisle. Walking on the sand in your heels or even flats can be tricky. To avoid this issue, you can opt for a shoe with a rubber sole or that’s waterproof.


There’s something magical about a beach wedding. The blue sky above, the gentle white noise of the sea, and the breathtaking beauty of nature combine to create a perfect setting for your special day. The aisle is the focal point of your Florida beach wedding, and the process for styling this beautiful addition to your ceremony will depend upon the specific location. If you are having your ceremony on the beach, then decor on chairs, hooks, or even directly on the sand will add life and color and personalize your ceremony by the sea.

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