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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do if there is bad weather during our event?

The client is responsible for weather back up. Depending on guest count, you can either use the gazebo for both dining and dancing (with 60 or less people), OR we can rent a tent seven days prior to your event date. I always suggest budgeting for a tent for March-Summer events, even if you don’t need one, you can start a savings for one to be safe

How many people can sit in the gazebo for dining only?

About 80-100 people can sit in the gazebo for dining only, including a buffet. With this option, I would the recommend putting dancing in the sand (which also depends on if the DJ is willing to set up in the sand).

Can I provide my own rentals?

Unfortunately, you may not. All major rentals such as tables, chairs, linens, arches and so forth, must go through us. However, you may supply your own centerpieces and aisle décor for the event.

Anything that is brought in can be set up at 11:00 am the day of the event, or we can coordinate a time if that specific time does not work for you. Anything brought in must go home that night, after the event, on
the tram.

What if my vendor is not on the preferred vendor list?

That is no problem. However, there will be a $500 non-preferred vendor fee that will be added to your proposal for caterers only not on the preferred list.

How do I find vendors & Book them?

Please refer to the preferred vendor list

Can we drive a car down to set up?

We can arrange for one vehicle to go down to the beach to drop off equipment for set up.

Can we bring our own fire pit?

No, all rentals including flammables go through us. We will provide you with wood and an attendant for the duration of the event. Please feel free to bring your own s’mores materials.

Can I do chair sashes for my ceremony?

If you would like to do chair sashes for the ceremony only, there is a $40 shipping fee. However, if you would like chair sashes for ceremony & reception there is no shipping fee due to the abundance of linens that are ordered for ceremony and reception.

Are pets allowed on the beach?

No, not unless they are an ADA registered service animal.

Can you bring in your own alcohol or self-serve?

Unfortunately, no. Alcohol must go through one of our preferred vendors, such as Artichoke and Company or DeRomo’s. or you can pay the $500 non preferred vendor fee to have a licensed caterer or bar service come in.

What can we throw down the aisle?

People have thrown lavender buds, shells, and blown bubbles. Please no items that may cause fermentation or cause harm to the park or its residing animals.

Can the ceremony be under the gazebo?

Yes, you can do the ceremony under the gazebo. You can decide if you want to have both the ceremony and cocktail hour under the gazebo.

When do ceremonies Start?

Ceremonies start at various times, depending on time time of year, sunset time and the package you choose ☺ Typically Starting 1.5 hours before Sunset will allow for ample time for beautiful sunset photos.

Is there a spot to get ready on site?

Unfortunately, there not a spot to get ready. Brides must come ready, but the option to put your dress on at the site is there. Both a back room at the gift shop and the public restrooms are available for a changing space. My office is a great place to cool down and touch up before the event!

Will you help me set up and clean up my décor?

Yes, for a cost. Set up and breakdown Pricing in explained in the packaging.

Is there wheelchair accessibility?

Yes! We do have complimentary beach wheels chairs available and there are back ramps to structures, as well as the tram is wheelchair accessible.

Can I extend my reception time?

You may extend your reception time One additional hour for a $350 fee. This means you can have guests stay on location until 10:45pm instead of the regular 9:45pm time. If you do this it must be approved by all vendors.

How many parking spots are available?

Our main parking lot will accommodate up to 100 vehicles. If more spots are needed, we have two other parking lots available for use. However parking is not blocked off for wedding guests the lots are first come first serve, however we have not had any issues before.

Do I need any permits or insurance for the wedding?

No, we are able to provide that through our company, its not often clients provide a separate insurance.

How much is the deposit? Is it included in the package price?

The deposit, which is used to reserve the date of your event, is a 50% nonrefundable deposit of the package price you choose This goes towards final payment.

When is the final balance due? What forms of payment do you accept?

The final balance is due 30 days prior to the date of your event. We accept cash, checks, and credit card payments. These can be made in person, over the phone, or sent in via mail.

What is your cancellation policy?

90 Days or More – Booking Fee is held

31-89 Days Prior to Event – Event Package Price that you chose is Held

Less than 30 Days Prior to Event – 100% of Balance Due on Proposal / Invoices

Gazebo Amp

The electric at the S.bch is a 120/240 system with a maximum output of 125 AMPs. Keep in Mind NRMuses lighting throughout the entire venue.

Can I have Glassware on the Tables Such as (wine glass, champagne or water Glass) ?

Unfortunately The park manager implemented a no Glassware Policy Last year. We have been avidly moving towards this goal, we are Still going through a transition period of eliminating it as an option for weddings as a table placement. We Do not allow Free Standing glassware such as (water,champagne and wine glasses) On the Tables or At the bar due to them breaking. Having broken shards of Glass in the sand or on the gazebo is a safety hazard. However you are allowed to have ceramic dinner plates as stated, as long as a caterer is placing, Scraping and storing them.We try to be as Eco friendly as possible, however safety is our first priority.

Can we do Shots at the Venue?

We do not allow shots here at the park due to a policy in our contract with the State park. In the effort of keeping guests safe inside and outside of the park during and after the events we Eliminate shots so that guests are not Over Served. It is also a Liability through the Bar service. However in Some Special cases we may be able to allow 1 shot for a special toast if discussed and agreed upon by the vendor and myself.
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