Elope to Lover’s Key for a Perfectly Magical Wedding!

Many couples opt for a big family wedding, but others want something more intimate and spontaneous that includes only two people who are in love. Rather than spend weeks or even months planning a huge event, many modern brides and grooms would prefer to spend their time and money on a beautiful beach wedding and an amazing honeymoon that they might not have been otherwise able to afford if they had gone with a huge wedding.

So, once you’ve made that big decision to elope, then comes the decision of where to have your perfect beach wedding. Needless to say, you want someplace where the weather is always warm, the sand is sugary white, and you can get everything you need right there to make your dream wedding day the best.

A destination wedding at beautiful Lover’s Key is the optimum solution for your elopement. At Lover’s Key, you’ll have five fantastic spots to choose from for your special day. Several of them are beachfront, and there’s even a pavilion if you’d like to make use of it. Can you imagine just how beautiful a Florida wedding could be? Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities, and we know that you’ve got plenty of that!

You could choose an amazing sunset wedding and watch the sun sinking as you’re saying your vows. And then have the reception in the moonlight with the stars shining like diamonds above their heads. No matter what time of day and which particular Lover’s Key venue that you decide to choose, it’s sure to please both of you and fulfill all of your wedding dreams.

Just think about it. The warm feeling of the soft white sand between your toes, the smell of the salt air and the mesmerizing sound of the ocean waves washing up on the shore, all upstaged only by the love in your hearts and the magic of your wedding vows. And, at Lovers Key, you can have every step of your amazing special day customized to your personal desires. We have some very caring and experienced wedding specialists on-hand to make sure that each of your wedding needs is fulfilled.

So, escape all the stress and pre-planning of a big wedding and elope to Lovers Key for a sunny daytime or magical nighttime wedding to remember. If, on the other hand, you decide to go for that big wedding, after all, no problem. Lovers Key has plenty of room for everybody to join in. Bring all your friends and relatives so that they can join you in celebrating your big day. Either way, Lovers Key Weddings will make sure that it’s a day that everyone will never forget. From start to finish, it will undoubtedly prove to be magical!

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