Making Special Memories With A Destination Wedding

One of the most exciting trends in weddings is choosing to celebrate the special occasion at a destination site. The increasingly popular destination wedding breaks out of the old mold of walking down the aisle in a ritual that many seek to update. Instead of your guests just blocking out an hour to rush in and out, they can be part of a truly unique experience.

Gain Total Control over Your Special Day

Many traditional wedding venues have tight schedules and restrictive rules for the events they host. Your pictures and activities will look and be just the same as hundreds or even thousands of other weddings held in that location.

However, you can add a special environment and unique memories around your wedding by selecting a site where everyone comes to relax and enjoy the time in a creative way. Everyone enjoys a break from the everyday, and why not make your wedding the getaway everyone talks about?

You’ll also be surprised to find out that destination wedding doesn’t have to mean expensive wedding. Of course, you can fly your party on a chartered jet around the world, but you can also have a really great event by selecting a place such as Lover’s Key in Fort Myers beach, FL. If you live in the area, you already know everyone likes a special reason to get out to the beach.

If you live outside the state, you’ll find it’s relatively inexpensive to get your party to our area by air, and the trip is well worth the investment. You’re less likely to have to worry about the weather than many other locations, and your guests can make the event a special break for them and their families as well.

When you choose a destination wedding you have all the traditional trappings and formal attire, or you can also find a number of ways to save on the total cost of your wedding. Selecting attractive but informal attire for your wedding party and guests allows everyone to mark your nuptials as unique and memorable. Plus, there’s nothing quite like celebrating the event on the beach with the sun setting and the gentle breezes blowing.

At Lover’s Key Weddings we have a number of locations and venues that will help create just the mood and memories you desire. We have the perfect setting for a fully formal wedding and other spots that are perfect for the casual but dramatic ceremony if you prefer. We also have the full range of wedding services to meet all of your expectations.

If you spend a few moments on our gallery pages, you will gain a sense of the true joy and special spirit that our guests enjoy, and you can let your imagination run wild while planning your own story.

A special aspect of a destination wedding at Lover’s Key is the fact you can come back to celebrate your marriage over and over, reliving that special time in a relaxing and romantic environment.

If you are seeking to add adventure to your marriage right from the start, give us a call today.

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