Unique Beach Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Unique Beach Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Around twenty-five percent of couples choose to have a destination wedding.

But, no matter the location of your wedding, you’ll want something from your friends and family to help you commemorate the occasion.

So, how do you plan the wedding book of your dreams? Read on to learn about the top unique beach wedding guest book ideas.

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

You don’t have to go with a traditional guest book for your wedding. There are also many excellent guest book alternatives you can try out that might suit a beach wedding.

One fun idea is to use postcards. This is particularly on trend for destination weddings, like ones on the beach. You can even choose postcards that suit your venue.

Your guest book doesn’t need to be based on the written word, either. You can have your friends take polaroids for you. Or, you can have them give video testimonials about how they’re feeling at the moment of your big day, too.

If you have friends from all over the world, you can get a map and have your guests mark off their point of origin so that you’ll always know how far your loved ones traveled to celebrate your big day.

Base It on Your Interests

You can create guest book ideas based on your interests and preferences. For example, if you love board games, one of the top unique guest book ideas is to create a board game-themed guest book.

Or, you can base your guest book on your pop-culture interests. If you’re a big music fan, have your guests sign a musical instrument for you to display in your new living room.

Have a Prompt

You can give your guests a prompt for their guest book message to make it a little more fun. Sometimes, it can be challenging for people to get their feelings out. You can give them fill-in-the-blanks or ask them a question for them to answer. This will help provide them with an idea of how to fill out your guest book with something beyond trite sentiments.

But, don’t be afraid to let your friends go off-theme. They may have something meaningful they have to say to you.

Pick the Right Design

The design for your guest book should go with the theme of your wedding. So, try and choose a guest book design meshes. If you have a modern-themed wedding, for example, choose fonts and colors for your guestbook that correlate with your theme.

That way, every time you look at your wedding guestbook, you’ll remember how beautiful your wedding day was.

Unique Beach Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Start Today

There are lots of unique beach wedding guest book ideas for you to try out.

Do you want more advice on planning your special day? Check out some of our wedding packages and other services.

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