5 Useful Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Imagine – booking a venue, finding the perfect DJ, perfecting the guest list, and spending the better portion of a year planning your dream wedding.

Does that sound more stressful than exciting to you?

You are so not alone! Turns out that one in four couples are choosing to flee to paradise to avoid the frustration and long hours of wedding planning. More and more couples are scouring the web to find the perfect destination to become blissfully married.

Although online virtual tours and reviews are great when choosing the perfect backdrop for your wedding, even a destination wedding can become relatively stressful.

It doesn’t have to be, though.

Check out our top tips for planning a destination wedding.

5 Do’s For Planning A Destination Wedding

Do #1: Research Your Location

Maybe the idea of an island off the coast of Greece sounds like the perfect spot to publicly profess your love for each other. It’s tropical, it’s gorgeous, and it’s far from the stressful reminders of your everyday life at home.

Many people choose far off locations when planning for a destination wedding, but make sure you consider the logistics.

Have you chosen a location on top of a mountain or deep within a romantic rain forest? If so, how will you and your guests be transported to the perfect destination spot?

If the answer is a tiny ferry, the back of a donkey, or a zip line into the forest – think about whether this will still fit the vision of your perfect day.

Do some digging before you send your deposit. Make sure you know exactly where you’re going and what to expect.

Do #2: Plan For The VIP’s

Think of the most important people that you want present at your wedding. Then, think whether they can physically make it to your wedding.

Destination weddings are great opportunities to share an intimate experience with the people you love the most. Just make sure they can get there.

You could always consider planning a destination wedding at one of the many amazing beach locations around the world.

These sandy spots tend to be pretty accessible to most anyone and everyone.

Do #3: Consider The Weather

Thinking you want to do a tropical destination wedding?


Not trying to be rude! Just reminding you to consider the hurricane forecast.

You may want to consider a beach wedding between the months of November and May. These months tend to remain untouched by Mother Nature’s wrath and can offer more comfortable temperatures.

Do #4: Choose Together

Regardless of your choice, make sure that you are both in agreement when planning a destination wedding.

Some of the biggest pre-wedding fights happen over partner involvement with planning as well as money. Let each partner share their wedding day vision and stick to an agreed upon budget. This will help avoid any potential arguments.

Do #5: Focus On The End Goal

It’s so easy to forget that planning for a wedding is, essentially, just planning for one fabulous day.

Remember to focus on what you love about each other, the reasons that you are choosing a destination wedding, and how exciting your lives will be following the Big Day.

Destination ‘I Do!’

It’s official – you have chosen to take the plunge and say ‘I Do!’ at a fabulous destination other than home.

Whether you choose a far off land, an amazingly fabulous cruise, or a gorgeous and relaxing beach locale – a destination wedding is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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