Winter Wonderland: The Benefits of a Winter Wedding

If you recently popped the question or said yes, you might be trying to narrow down a date for your wedding. There are many factors to consider when trying to choose a date such as school schedules, family commitments, time off of work, already planned vacations, and even finances. While engaged couples often prefer summer weddings over any other time of the year, there are multiple benefits to get married during the winter. Before ruling out a winter wedding, consider the following.

Venue Availability

Since summer is the most popular time of the year, some couples end up having to push their wedding date out as much as two years to get their ideal venue. Planning to say your vows during the winter months can give you a better chance at getting the venues that you want for both the ceremony and the reception. Winter, unlike in most other states, is Florida’s peak season. However, considering a destination wedding here will open up many more dates with conditions that typically make summer desirable.

Vendor Availability

In addition to being more likely to secure your favored venue, you will also be more likely to book your preferred vendors such as photographers and DJs. Everyone wants to best photographer, bakery, and other services for their wedding. Just like venues get booked, these vendors book way in advance as well. By selecting a winter date for your nuptials, you have a much better chance and getting on the schedule for coveted wedding vendors.


Summer brides often deal with extreme heat in Florida and other areas. The heat can potentially make your makeup and hair a disaster. It can also make your guests uncomfortable. Getting married during winter months means milder weather and lower temps which can make for less maintenance when it comes to looking your best on your big day and ensure the utmost comfort for your guests.

A Bigger Turnout

If you have a winter wedding that is not planned around the holiday season, you may have a larger turnout. People’s schedules tend to be more open at this time of year, and they likely will not be invited to attend other weddings on the same day as yours. Also, who wouldn’t love a trip to Florida in the middle of winter? Depending on where they live, your guests may be more than willing to come to your destination wedding in Florida during the winter just to get away from the snow and cold.


The principle of supply and demand applies to weddings. In the off-season months, when not as many people are getting married costs can go down. From hotel rooms and catering to flowers to limo services, you may pay less if you book your wedding date during a shoulder season, which in Florida might translate to late winter. On the other hand, getting married in peak seasons can increase your overall cost as the prices on wedding packages and wedding-related services tend to get higher.

No matter what time of year you set your date for, you can be confident that a destination wedding at a Lover’s Key venue will be a beautiful event that you and your guests will remember for decades to come. Feel free to contact us for more information and to make your booking.

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