5 Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Special Day

Having a beach wedding gives you an automatic jaw-dropping background for your big day. But that doesn’t mean that your work is over once you find a scenic beach.

There’s still plenty to think about when it comes to your beach wedding decorations. What will the theme be? Do you want something totally unique, or a theme that you know will work because you’ve seen it on wedding boards?

Whatever the case, we’re here to help. So take a little time out of your busy schedule to look at these five beach wedding ideas.

Flower Strewn Aisle

A beach wedding is the perfect time to break out the flower petals. Sure, you’ll probably have flowers placed strategically elsewhere, but flowers in the aisle is key.

This works particularly well in any outside location. But the beach is perfect for this natural touch. The colors in the flowers will stand out against the sand beautifully.

That is, as long as you’re aisle is in the sand. If your beach wedding is actually located farther from the water and off the sand, then you may want to skip the petals.

Hanging String Lights

String lights are the way to go when lighting your beach wedding as the sun sets. They’re perfect because they aren’t perfect.

Some of them hang a little lower than others. They aren’t always evenly spaced. Those imperfections make them great for a carefree beach vibe

Tikis and Palms For Beach Wedding Decorations

This may depend on the actual location of your beach wedding. If it’s in a more tropical, exotic area, bring out the tiki torches and palms to line the aisles.

They create a tropical, exotic atmosphere. Not to mention this is probably the only time you can ever decorate with them without looking tacky.

However, if your beach wedding is in Connecticut, then maybe go with something a little staider.

Classic White on White

White chairs placed on a white sandy beach, all facing a beautiful white gazebo. The sun setting behind the bride and groom as they make their vows. The sound of the waves lapping at the sand nearby.

If this is your idea of a beach wedding, then a classic white on white theme might be the way to go. Less sand and more beautiful vistas isn’t a bad choice. You can add some color with flowers and sashes for the chairs.

Candles Everywhere

Okay, so we lied when we said that string lights were the best for lighting your beach wedding! Candles are excellent beach wedding decorations if you use them properly.

You want them hanging from posts or trees, in holders that shed gentle, glowing light on your guests. And, of course, an extra three or four on the tables will give off the perfect, relaxed beach wedding atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

Are you sold on a beach wedding, but don’t know where you want to have it? Then contact us and let’s hook you up with the perfect location in Lovers Key State Park!

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