What to Look For in the Perfect Beach Wedding Dresses

Getting married on a beach can make for the most beautiful and memorable wedding day imaginable. But a beach wedding does take a different level of preparation and planning than a traditional church wedding.

There are so many factors to consider when picking a location and the attire of a beach wedding. But the biggest attire consideration to make for your wedding day is your choice of wedding dress.

Every beach bride wants that perfect wedding dress that will make their beach wedding perfect, comfortable, and stunning.

Here are some tips for choosing the right option from the many beach wedding dresses.

Match your Location

I don’t mean match your location in terms of matching colors. But you should match the level of formality you choose for your beach wedding.

It is becoming very trendy to have an informal and more classically “beachy” wedding. However, you might still choose to have a very formal wedding, but with a beach wedding, you have some variability.

Whatever level of formality you choose, make sure you are consistent throughout your decorations and wedding party attire. Beach weddings can be as formal as a traditional wedding or as casual and informal as your barefoot dreams!

Consider the Fabric of A Beach Wedding Dresses

Most beach weddings have to take the heat into consideration. Unless you’re getting married on a beach in the middle of winter during a freak snow storm, you’ll want breathable fabrics.

Beach wedding dresses should be breathable, airy, and light. You want to be able to move freely and comfortably. Don’t spend your whole wedding day melting beneath the heat or sticky, scratchy, and stifling fabric.

Think about Lighting

You’ll probably be dress shopping inside a brick-and-mortar dress shop. But your beach wedding will be outside.

Wedding dresses can look different in different lights. If you can, ask to see the wedding dress you like in natural lighting. It would best if you could try on your dress in natural lighting as well.

It might seem like a small difference, but the dress you love in the shop might look entirely different under the direct light of the sun.

Pick the Right Length

Beach wedding dresses can be any length of dress. Because beach weddings can be a little more informal, there is more room for shorter length dresses.

Considering a midi or tea-length wedding dress could be the answer to your heat problem. If you still want a more traditional full-length dress, lace or other light fabrics could help keep your dress airy and breathable.

Beach weddings are already pushing the limits of tradition slightly. If you want to branch outside of the norm with your beach wedding dress, try on a few beach wedding dresses with atypical lengths. You might be surprised by how much you like a shorter or asymmetrical dress!

A beach wedding can be the most romantic way to begin a long and love filled marriage. Picking the right wedding dress is an important part of the wedding planning process. Beach wedding dresses can be as different as every bride can be, but make sure they work with the beautiful location you’ve chosen!

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