Worried About The Perfect Beach Wedding Look? Here Are Some Tips

Worried About The Perfect Beach Wedding Look? Here Are Some Tips

For many couples, the dream is to finally walk down the aisle and say ‘yes I do.’ With all the venues and places where weddings can occur, the beach is one place where every girl can dream of spectacular sunset views and amazing photos in the breeze.

The big question, however, how will you look as gorgeous as the surrounding? Here are some tips on how to come up with the perfect look for a beach wedding, for the bride and the groom considerations to put in mind.

1. Clothes

The most exciting part of any wedding is choosing a gown and suit. When having a beach wedding, you should put in mind things before settling on the attire for your big day. Go for a dress or suit that is lightweight. Lightweight fabrics are breathable and more comfortable, and they also look good as they flow in the wind.

A heavy suit or gown will leave you feeling so tired and sweaty in the warm temperatures of the beach. Another essential factor to look into is the color of the outfits. Bright colored or white clothes go best with beach weddings. It brings out the outdoor theme much better.

2. Shoes

Heels, flops, or slippers? Ladies might have a hard time deciding because it goes without saying, wearing heels has a statement to it. For beach weddings, it would be better to wear simple open shoes that are breathable and comfortable on the sand. Go for simple ballet flats or gladiator sandals. They are both comfortable on the sand, stylish, and completely acceptable choices as beach wedding shoes.

Men can go with leather slip-ons – they are a bit more formal, yet go with the outdoor theme. They will also not be too hot as the day progresses, making them an extremely comfortable choice. Even leather flip-flops are not off-limits.

3. Makeup

Makeup is a big part of the bride’s day, and she does not like thinking anything can ruin the makeup for her big day. However, a beach wedding is not the event to have heavy makeup with smoky eyes. Do a natural look with light makeup. It will be easier to maintain as the day goes by because of the heat and humidity.

You can add waterproof mascara to your makeup kit, that will not run at any cost. Also, consider including sunscreen in the makeup to avoid getting sunburnt before the honeymoon. Lastly, do not forget that setting spray or powder, it will come in handy.

4. Hair

Of course, your hair has to look perfect for the camera and also feel comfortable. To go with the outdoor beach theme, you can consider braiding your hair at the back of your head or just pinning it behind your head.

Doing that will make sure that the wind does not blow it all over your face as that will ruin your makeup and make you look disheveled. To add on the look, you can consider using a shell-like pin or band to secure your hair.

5. Accessories

Since a beach wedding is usually toned down, there is no harm in throwing in one or two accessories. You can add some shell accessories to your shoes or bracelets. You can also go for the starfish-shaped earrings to complete the beach theme. Throw in a simple clutch bag with a few detailing on it.

Beach weddings are not only a modern trend but are also beautiful weddings. You have the chance to get married in an attractive surrounding and in comfortable attires. Beach weddings also set the mood for the honeymoon.

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