Winter Wedding at Key Lovers’ State Park

Many people would love a wedding on the beach, but they are not sure that they can endure the summer heat. If that is you, then consider a winter wedding at Lovers’ Key State Park. With highs in the upper seventies during December, your mid-winter wedding can be a huge success.

Remember that the water may give off a cool breeze, so bridesmaids and the bride may be more comfortable in long-sleeve dresses or with shawls. Alternatively, the pavilion offers a fantastic venue for a wedding where you can add tarps around the outside and even use portable heaters.

When planning a beach wedding near Christmas at Lovers’ Key State Park, consider using a simple altar and having everyone bring a unique ornament to hang from the altar. These decorations can then form the base of your Christmas tree ornaments for many years to come, resulting in a beautiful way to remember the people that were at your special event.

Alternatively, if you get married near New Year’s Eve, then create a special cocktail to serve to your guests. While the possibilities are endless, you might consider an apple cider cranberry smash made from apple cider, cranberries, and whiskey. You could even do a special drink for the children and those who choose not to drink by replacing the whiskey with ginger ale. Alternatively, consider combining raspberry vodka, lemon juice, and triple sec. Mix it all together and garnish with some fresh raspberries.

Most couples who do weddings in December, choose to use the deep reds of poinsettias when having their wedding cakes done. This allows them to easily use these beautiful flowers in other ways throughout the reception area. Others choose to stay with an all white theme and use glistening snowflake decorations to decorate the cake. Again, this is a natural choice to incorporate throughout the reception area. Still others choose to have their cakes decorated to look like miniature Christmas trees. Groom cakes can be made in so many different ways for holiday weddings, including cakes decorated with miniature Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, and cakes shaped like polar bears.

Beach weddings in the winter make a beautiful alternative to the cold weather further north. If you are from outside the area, then who does not love the thought of getting away to warm Florida for the holidays. Since the children will be out of school, getting away during their break is easier. With temperatures usually in the upper seventies, it is a beautiful time of year.

Keep in mind that the same conditions that appeal to you will appeal to most others, making winter the high season for Florida venues. Therefore, if you like the thought of winter wedding at Lovers’ Key State Park, you will need to plan well in advance. If you would like us to help you plan your winter wedding, feel free to contact us today.

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