Wedding Flowers Perfect For Florida Weather

Regardless of your beach wedding theme, the flowers always set the tone. With months spent preparing for the wedding, choosing the right flowers for the venue is one of the challenging aspects of tying the knot. There can be thousands of options that will make it hard for you to make a decision. However, it is not only the aesthetics that you have to take into consideration when selecting the flowers for your wedding. Florida has extreme weather. Carefully choosing the flowers that can survive the heat is crucial.

The heat can be unbearable in Florida even in cooler months. If you decide to host your wedding on the beach, you have to choose heat resistant flowers as you do not want your photos to be ruined by withered flowers.

Flower options that can stand Florida heat


Roses are present in most wedding ceremonies. Aside from their gorgeous features, they are also known for their ability to survive the hot weather. They will continue to be in full bloom despite the high temperature. For wedding couples who are searching for romantic and elegant design, especially if it is a garden-style wedding, roses are a great choice.


Tulips can preserve their beauty despite the sweltering heat. They come in a variety of colors, which make them pretty to look at. Tulips can be ordered all year round. By using tulips, you can add a European touch to your wedding theme. These flowers are understated and beautiful.


Proteas are tropical flowers that come in different variations: King Protea, Queen Protea, Pin Cushion Protea, and Blushing Bride Protea. They can survive long periods of being out of water. The ability to survive the absence of water makes Proteas ideal for Florida beach weddings.

Tropical Greenery

Adding tropical greenery to your wedding theme is an excellent choice because it can easily adapt to the heat. If you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to its tropical look, you can also include Garden Roses or Ranunculus. Ginger, Macara Orchids, and Pin Cushion Protea are also perfect choices.

Handling the heat

In selecting the types of flowers you are going to use for the bridal bouquet, you need to find out how long they have to be out of water. The featured flowers can handle the heat so long as they have been in the water for a long period of time. Your florist should provide you with a vase so you can rehydrate your bouquet at the reception. Before placing the bouquet in water, be sure to trim the stems so the flowers can easily absorb the water.

Selecting flowers for the bouquet

Bouquet flowers need to withstand the heat so they remain gorgeous even after the ceremony. Brunia, peonies, rose, tulips, protea, succulents, and ranunculus are fabulous choices. Avoid astilbe, scabiosa, hellaborous, sword fern, dahlias, hydragea, and estrangia as they will not survive long periods of being out of water. Dahlias can only be an acceptable option for less extreme temperature.

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