Brides in the Sunshine State: Are Veils Okay for a Beach Wedding

Brides in the Sunshine State: Are Veils Okay for a Beach Wedding

The wedding location determines many things, such as the decor you choose and what you wear, like open shoes or closed shoes. The same goes for veils, but the answer isn’t so black and white.

Why Worry About the Veil?

Firstly, it’s essential to understand why many brides want to wear a veil at a beach wedding. Brides may want to wear one because a veil completes the bride’s look.

When you think of brides, you imagine them wearing intricate veils. People dream of walking down the aisle wearing a veil to be unveiled by their partner. The veil is traditional and is part of why people want to wear one.

The problem is that wearing one at a beach wedding is a little scary. Sure, everything about the beach wedding is perfect. You found a great venue, like the venues of Lover’s Key Weddings in Florida, but you’ve also noticed the breeze.

Brides worry about the breeze. They fear the wind will blow the veil off and carry it away. Some worry that the veil will blow into their face at the worst time, maybe smearing their makeup or forcing them to make a strange face when a photographer snaps a picture.

These concerns are valid, but they’re also preventable. If you know you’re having a beach wedding, all you have to do is get a veil that’ll work for a beach wedding.

The Birdcage Veil

A birdcage veil is a good option for a beach wedding. These are usually relatively small, covering only part of your face, but it’s more than enough. You’ll still have the desired effect.

Since it’s small, it’s not likely to blow away easily. Most of the time, these veils are studded, adding weight to the veil. This further ensures that your veil won’t blow away easily. The birdcage veil style is relatively modern, but if you want to be a bit of a trendsetter, this is one way to go.

The Blusher Veil

Another great option is the blusher veil. It’s not too long; it usually falls above your waistline, making it perfect for the beach. It won’t drag on the sand or get dirty.

The wind won’t blow it away easily since it’s not too long. It may lift it from time to time, but it’s short enough for you to manage when it happens.

You could pull it over your face, but you should only do so at certain times of your ceremony.

Comb Veil

This is another type of veil that’ll work for a beach wedding because it falls towards the back. The comb-secured veil is usually short and falls towards the middle of your back, which makes it perfect for a beach wedding. Some can be a little longer, but that’s usually the case.

The fabric on these veils is normally tulle, making them light and beautiful. The shortness of the veil makes it look modern and chic. This is the way to go if you believe this look matches the rest of your wedding dress.

The comb-secured feature ensures that your veil won’t fly away at any point during your wedding, no matter how strong the wind gets.

Cathedral Veils

When people think about bridal veils, they usually think of something like this. They think of something elegant that falls to the ground and is truly magical. You’re probably thinking you won’t be able to wear something like this at a beach wedding, but that’s not the case.

There are cathedral veils that you can use; you just have to be smart about it. You need veils that don’t fall towards the front but rather fall to the back. In essence, these veils are only meant to highlight your gown’s silhouette and nothing more than that.

Keeping a cathedral veil towards the back makes it easier to manage, especially if the wind gets a little testy on your wedding day.

Hair Comb

If you don’t want to deal with veils but still want to wear something, go for the bridal hair comb. These are beautifully-designed combs, typically quite large and perfect for your wedding.

Now, the comb does need to work with your hairstyle, so have your stylist show you a few looks that’ll work with the bridal comb. The look has to match your face structure and the wedding’s overall style, so check those boxes before choosing a look that’ll incorporate the bridal comb.

You’ve got many veil styles you can wear on your Florida beach wedding day. All you have to do is choose the one that feels right to you with the help of your stylist.

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