Tying The Knot By The Beach: How To Get Married In Florida

Everyone wants a dream wedding to come true. Florida, without doubt, is one of the ideal destinations for your dream beach wedding. You might have seen couples getting excited about the thought of exchanging vows. Although, the process is not that easy because it requires a lot of preparation. You need to think about the motif, reception, entourage, food and even securing a marriage license. The requirements you need to comply will vary from state to state. It is essential that you are aware of the process if you are planning to marry anytime soon.

Basics of securing a marriage license in Florida

When obtaining a marriage license in Florida, you have to pay for the required fee to the court clerk. You can save time and money if you choose marriage license by mail program. This also saves you from making a trip to the courthouse. It is convenient because you do not have to file back and forth to secure a license.

If you are a Florida resident:

  • The wedding couple needs to go to the court clerk located in the State of Florida to process the marriage license
  • The wedding couple should present a valid ID bearing their photo. Examples of these IDs include state identification card, driver’s license, passport, military identification card or government card.
  • You also need to have a social security number in obtaining a marriage license.
  • If either the bride or groom was previously married and divorced, either party should provide the date in which the divorce was granted.

For International Residents:

  • If you are outside the state of Florida, you can secure the marriage license by opting for Florida Marriage License By Mail.
  • Another way that you can obtain the license is by visiting any clerk of court located in the State of Florida. Either party should present a valid passport.
  • If either the bride or groom is not a citizen of the United States or from a foreign country, proof of documentation which contains an alien registration number must be presented.
  • If either the bride or groom was previously married and divorced, the date of the divorce should be given. In cases when the date of divorce is still within 30 days prior to applying for a new marriage license, either party should present a certified copy of the recorded final order.
  • The state waives the waiting period for international residents. Most international countries require couples to register their license at the government agency or local registrar office. You will need to check the correct information with your consulate or embassy.

What is Florida Marriage License By Mail

Florida marriage license by mail is one of the most convenient ways of securing a license when you are tying the knot away from home. It saves time and spares you the headache of doing all the paperwork. More often than not, engaged couples choose to plan their weddings on a weekend. Unfortunately, clerks are not open on weekends and on holidays. This means you need to set a specific time or file a vacation leave on a weekday to process your marriage license.

For international couples, the Florida marriage license by mail is also a breath of fresh air as they no longer have to be confused or feel intimidated due to language barriers. There is no need to drive around in one city to another or wait for hours to complete the process. The option is ideal for those who have a busy schedule. Once the marriage license has been issued, all you do is to bring it to your wedding for an officiant to sign it.

Since Florida marriage license by mail is a legal document, you need to comply with its requirements. Most couples who use this service live in Florida but are disabled, hospitalized, live in other countries, live within Florida but do not have a county clerk’s office nearby, are military people want to get married but have already been deployed or living out of state and many others.

Your Florida wedding should be stress-free. You have to be the most beautiful bride or most handsome groom on your wedding day. By taking note of these requirements for obtaining a marriage license, this special day will be an event to remember.

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