Tips For Booking Small Beach Wedding Package

Tips For Booking Small Beach Wedding Package

If you and your fiance love the sun and the feel of the sand in your toes, you may be considering a beach wedding. A beach wedding offers some unique concerns that you want to address so that you and all of your guests have a good time as much as possible on your big day. Just because it is your big day doesn’t mean that the wedding has to be big. A small beach wedding is much easier to manage than a large wedding. Here are some tips for booking a small beach wedding package.

Handling the Guest List

A small wedding means fewer people. Generally speaking, you are looking at about 5-25 people. That means a lot of people aren’t going to get an invite. You have to work with your partner to prioritize your guest list. Take the time to explain to other people that a large wedding is not for you, and the fact they aren’t invited is not a personal attack at all. Spend time with the people you couldn’t invite when you get back.

Book Early

You are not the only person who wants a romantic beach wedding. Plenty of other people want the same thing. To ensure you get the venue you want, start looking early. You want to beat the other people planning their wedding, too.

Have a Backup

We can’t control the weather. When you schedule your wedding, you have no idea what the weather will be like on that day. When the day comes, you may discover that it’s going to rain hard that day. Pick a backup option for when this happens. That way, you and your guests won’t have to deal with the rain.

Consider the Off-Season

You don’t necessarily need to schedule your wedding in the middle of Florida’s peak winter season. You can still have a gorgeous beach wedding in spring or fall. Even a summer wedding is possible – keeping a few essentials in mind. Consider turtle and shorebird nesting seasons and the fact that this is the rainy, as well as hurricane season. Whatever the season, you’ll still get the gorgeous imagery you want.

Wear Appropriate Attire

A beach wedding means you will wear something different than someone having a wedding at a traditional church venue. You don’t want to wear a large ballgown dress. You risk damaging it on the beach. Look for something simple that flows slightly. You probably don’t want to wear heels, either. In fact, most brides go barefoot. Think bohemian chic.
Make sure to clarify the wardrobe to your guests, too. You can suggest that they go sans footwear, too.

Bug Spray and Sun Screen

Having your wedding outside means you risk getting sunburn. You don’t want to look red in your wedding pictures, so get high-quality sunscreen and apply liberally. You may also want to provide bug spray if the venue recommends it. Bugs can be a frustrating distraction when everyone should be focused on you.

Your wedding is your big day. A beach wedding is a great way to say “I do” with the love of your life. However, you want to make sure you think of the unique issues with a beach wedding by using these tips. Talk to your wedding planner and the venue to learn more.

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