Tips on How to Take Perfect Beach Wedding Photos

Tips on How to Take Perfect Beach Wedding Photos

Beach weddings have the luxury of a beautiful background. Romance is in the air, and there are many opportunities to take stunning photos. Never miss the chance to capture the magnificent occasion in pictures.

How to take stunning beach wedding photos?

Shooting in front of the ocean with the sand underneath your feet is a real challenge. There are many factors to consider to take perfect photos, from the sand in your camera to the shifting light. To help make beach wedding photos stand out, here are some rules and guidelines that will serve you well.

Sunny f/16 Rule

This is known as one of the oldest rules in photography and is still used after many years. You don’t have to worry about low-light shots on a beach setting since you get natural sunlight from all sides. This sunny f/16 rule will aid you in estimating the exposure. All you have to do is set the aperture to f/16, the ISO to 100, and shutter speed to 1/100. It works most of the time, but you can tweak the settings if the light reflects harshly. 

Perfect Silhouettes

Beach wedding photos always include the beautiful sunset. This setting provides the perfect lighting for the ideal silhouette shot. To capture the perfect silhouette, it is vital to turn off the flash, HDR, and automatic lighting optimization tools. Aim your camera at the sky (but not directly at the sun) and not the couple, which should be dark. When taking the photo, remind your subject that body language is essential because faces can’t be seen.

Poetry in Motion 

Take a photo of the rhythm and flow of the beach; it’s poetry in motion. Capture moments like the bride’s gown fluttering, the waves crashing the shore under their feet, and the wisp of sand blowing. Be a lookout for these and be ready to photograph these. To give you more ideas, you can consider footprints, the animals around the beach, and try taking a photo of the couple moving out of the frame following the reverse active space rule.


Go beyond the safe shots and experiment, have fun. A beach is a good place with many opportunities where you can take photographs that include reflections. Guide the couple near shallow water; it is also ideal to have clouds in the sky on the sun setting on the horizon. Capture other elements that are reflected in the water for a dynamic image.

Change Angles

There are many opportunities for creative photographs on a beach. Take advantage of the different angles and keep the images unique. Instruct the couple to sit down or even go into the water (if they are willing to).

Equipment Care Tips

The beach can be harsh on your camera, especially the lenses. It is crucial that you take care of your equipment so that you can take the best photos. Bring tons of zip lock bags where you can place batteries, lenses, and the camera when not in use. Make sure that no sand gets into the parts, and never, ever put the camera directly on the sand. It could cause damage to the lenses in the cleaning process. 

To take beautiful wedding photos, make sure to pick the correct location. Opt for a beach that specially caters to weddings and events to make the process easier for you. Here at Lovers Key Beach Weddings, we can offer the best experience for your special day.

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