Should Your Destination Wedding Colors be Classic or More Innovative?

A slew of wedding colors and color combos have endured through the years. Some have stood the test of time while others have simply faded away. If you’ve always wanted a beachy destination wedding and have chosen gorgeous Lover’s Key as your special place to tie the knot, then all that’s left are those all-important details.

Once you’ve picked one of our venues, be it a gorgeous beach site or you simply love the pavilion, your wedding colors will play a significant role and should not be taken lightly. After all, you’ve chosen the perfect place for your destination wedding and you want everything else to be perfect, too. Right?

The classic colors that never go out of style include:

Now, if you could get Billy Idol to sing “White Wedding” on your special day, then an all-white wedding would be not only stunning but also apropos. And, if you’ve chosen the beach for your ceremony, everybody will be more calm, cool and collected while wearing white. White is very beachy and you could add a touch of color if you prefer. Consider a touch of navy blue for a more nautical look, or soft peach for a beachy look.

Black & white is about as classic as you can get, but again, if you’re getting married on the beach rather than in the beautiful pavilion, try to limit the amount of black that everyone has to wear. It absorbs the heat and can be quite uncomfortable. Perhaps only ties, cumber bunds, and accessories in black would add the nice touch.

Pale blue is a perfect color for a beach wedding since it feel beachy plus it will keep everybody feeling cooler. There are a number of shades of pale blue to choose from, starting with baby blue to a french blue or even a silvery blue. And speaking of silver, you could add a touch of silver to your color scheme and add not only bling but added interest.

Coral is always a great color for a destination wedding since it makes it feel a bit Caribbean. On the other hand, though, pale peach is an all-time favorite and lends itself perfectly to either a beach or a pavilion wedding. And, soft peach can be combined beautifully with several other colors, like the pale blues or even turquoise.

If you’re a green lover, or maybe Irish, opt for something lighter for your beach wedding, again, for comfort’s sake. Although hunter green is lovely, something in maybe the lime green area would be better.

Both pink and purple are all-time favorites and, even better, you can combine them for a beautiful overall wedding hue. Perhaps pale pink for the bridesmaids dresses with royal purple accessories.

Now, red is the favorite of many brides, and some even like pink and red together. No longer a no-no in color combinations as it was in the good old days, this color combo could be quite striking for your wedding, albeit not the beachiest choice.

Both teal and turquoise are perfect for a beach wedding since they’re the color of the sea. You could go with light turquoise for dresses and teal for accessories. The same with the men. They could wear turquoise jackets with teal accessories. Voila, very beachy and elegant as well.

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