Pop That Question: A Wedding Proposal On The Beach

A marriage proposal requires months of preparation. The venue is crucial to ensuring that the setting will be as romantic as you hoped for. If a romantic beach proposal is what you have in mind, you need to think about the personality of your partner. A beach proposal will always be appealing but you need to make sure that you’ll be carrying out the proposal in the most romantic way possible. Here are some suggestions that will make the gesture memorable.

Picnic Under The Moonlight

Invite your loved one for a picnic at the beach. A romantic dinner for two will definitely set the tone. Be sure to keep the meal light. Cheese, bread, fruit, and a glass of wine will suffice. Once you’re done with your meal, pour another glass of wine and inform your partner about the treat you’re eager to share. Reach into the picnic basket where the ring box is hidden. Be sure to set it gently on the blanket before you propose.

You can’t just give the ring to her without giving her a personal message. For sure, you’ve already prepared for it as well. Tell your loved one how much you want to spend the rest of your life with her. A heartwarming message is a good way to kick start your marriage proposal.

Treasure Hunt

Since you’re making a marriage proposal at the beach, you may as well get creative by setting up a treasure hunt. Place the engagement ring in a small treasure chest and bury it in the sand. It should be at a secluded area or a location where your friend can watch over it while you are convincing your loved one to search for the treasure chest. You might want to leave one end of the chest sticking out of the sand so you can easily find it. Ask your loved one what that thing could be. They should be the one to dig out the treasure out of the sand. It may take a lot of convincing on your part so you need to be a good actor. Ask her to open it and when she finds the engagement ring, ask her to marry you.


When money is not going to be a problem, you can come up with many ideas to make the proposal as memorable as possible. A fireworks display on the beach is a great idea. There’s also an element of surprise because you and your loved one are enjoying the display, you can tell her that you have arranged the fireworks display. Pull out your ring and give her a sweet message before you ask her hand for marriage.

Before you get too excited about the thought of making the proposal, be sure to choose the beach that will make the gesture romantic.

Some of the important points to consider are sand, company, sounds, and smells. Your goal is to make the proposal unique and memorable so whether it is a simple, creative or extravagant proposal, be sure to enjoy the beauty of the beach as well.

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