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Planning A Florida Beach Wedding? Here Are Things To Keep In Mind

A Florida beach wedding is always one of the top choices for a memorable destination wedding. Aside from the beautiful weather that has never failed to entice locals and vacationers alike, the allure of sandy beaches will make you fall in love even more. Although picturing yourself exchanging vows brings excitement, you will still need to think about the wedding preparation. Regardless of your idea of a perfect Florida beach wedding, carefully planning things ensures a flawless event.

Choosing when to get married matters

As much as you want your wedding to happen at any time of year, Florida beach weddings work best with proper timing. Being a crowd-magnet, expect Florida beaches to fill up with visitors during peak tourist seasons. You can also expect accommodation, airfare, and activity prices to be much higher during this season. If you do not want to break the bank, set your wedding date in Spring or Summer. The weather also matters if you are going to decide to have a beach wedding. From July to September, Southwest Florida weather can be worst. January and February can also bring cooler weather. Since Florida usually is very hot, this might be ideal for some, and not the best time for a beach wedding for others.

Choose a sunset beach wedding

A Gulf Coast sunset has attracted many vacationers because of its array of colors. As the sun is about to hide behind the beautiful horizon, wouldn’t it be nice if you say “I do” to complement the panoramic view? The moment will even be more magical as dolphins and sailboats pass by. You will also look fantastic in your post-ceremony photos. As an added plus, the beaches of the Gulf Coast generally face west, resulting in a sunset over the water.

Always have a Plan B

For sure, you are looking forward to dipping your toes in the sand, but do not get too excited yet as the weather can burst your bubble. It is better to be safe than sorry by preparing a plan B in case things do not go as planned due to the uncooperative weather. Be sure to choose a venue where your guests can stay dry and enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the blue water. This idea does not keep you away from the original venue while maintaining the beachy vibe and atmosphere.

Include wedding activities

A destination wedding will not be complete without including entertainment options for your guests. A beach wedding opens endless possibilities as you get to think of a wide range of water activities that everyone can enjoy, like taking a sunset cruise, going on nature hikes, riding horses, jet-skiing, kayaking, and much more.

However you like your beach wedding to turn out, there are always many choices available to explore. A special event like your wedding day should involve preparation by paying close attention to the wedding details. Be sure to secure all the necessary permits and handle all the wedding essentials for this event to be extra special.

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