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Now Trending: The Wedding Sand Ceremony

With warmer weather fast approaching and weddings still very much in season, one thought comes to mind-beach weddings! One newer trend when it comes to beach weddings are the wedding sand ceremonies. These celebrations symbolizing unity by using different colored sand with the involved parties during the ceremony. If you’re planning a beach wedding, this is something unique to add to your ceremony that your guests won’t forget.

What is a sand ceremony?

So how exactly does a wedding sand ceremony work? This ceremony represents the unity of two people or families coming together. Such a powerful statement in a simple action of joining sand colors in one jar or vase, performed at the wedding ceremony. The layered effect is the joining of the families and is a touching addition to a traditional wedding ceremony. The sand ceremony is originally based on the unity candle which is the lighting of a candle of the two people or parties coming together. This new, fun way of showing the unity of a beautiful marriage is so unique and heartwarming. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about the wind factor with candles in your typical unity candle ceremony!
If you are considering a wedding sand ceremony, the officiant will start by giving each person a different color of sand in a vase. Whether it just be the couple, or additional family members, anyone you feel should be involved can be. In a typical ceremony, the groom will be the one to add the first layer to the clear glass object. Each person will follow his lead. After everyone has contributed to the layers, they will all pour their remaining sand at once to form a mixture of colors. This symbolizes the unity of them all coming together as one in such a beautiful, artistic and colorful way.

Are There Rules?

There are no written rules about when to perform the wedding sand ceremony. It can come before or after vows- whatever the bride and groom feel is best for them. Most popularly, after the rings are exchanged is when this part of the ceremony will be performed. It’s a beautiful way to end the ceremony and is certainly memorable for all involved in their special wedding day. This simple ceremony is so easy to add to your dream wedding.
Some colored sand, vases for each person and a central vase set on a table is all you need to complete this unique ceremony. You may consider monogramming your vase or jar to mark the special day. If you live close to beaches you may want to gather sand from your favorite spots for each participant. If your wedding is religious based, have the officiant first use white sand in the central vase to represent religion’s role in your new marriage. The ways of making it your own are endless and are sure to be memorable no matter how you go about it.
If you’re planning your dream beach wedding, adding this special unity ceremony will definitely add that extra something to the day. It will make for lovely photos and will be something you and your loved ones will never forget!

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