Make Your Beach Wedding Guests Comfortable

Make Your Beach Wedding Guests Comfortable

Close your eyes, imagine the wind in your hair, the blush in your cheeks, and the soft waves of the water gliding against the shore as you whisper, ‘I do.’ It is serenity and beauty enveloping you all at once, perfection just as you have always dreamed of, but the question of having your guests drying out in the sun and sweating, their expensive hairdo falling apart, or standing on hot sand for far too long ruins the image.

Making your guests comfortable is important to have a beautiful ceremony. Your guests might be attending their first beach wedding, giving them something memorable to remember while making their comfort key is the complete picture of your imagination.

What Are The Tips For Getting A Memorable And Comfortable Beach Experience?

The following are few tips you can use to make the beach experience a memorable and comfortable one for your guests.

The Right Timing Is Key

When choosing the time of your event, choose one when most of your guests are available for the wedding, especially if the beach venue is far from home. Natural light is better for having great shots, so pick a time of the day when it is still bright to give your photo sessions some added sparkle.

Include The Venue So That Guests Can Dress Appropriately For The Beach Wedding

This helps them prepare for the sand and heat of the beach adequately.

Provide Materials That Increase Their Comfort

These include; sunglasses, fans to cool themselves with, parasols to hide from the sun as they walk down the beach, flip flops, and a brush the sand off your feet station.
Put up shades in the seating area.

Set Up Shades To Reduce The Sun’s Intensity

A good event planner can even use this to add to the aesthetic of your setup. Canopy can be used set up on sturdy bamboo poles or even colorful fabrics to match the decor. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it can be affordable and stylish. This takes care of the effect of the sun glaring down on them; less sweat means less caked makeup and more comfort in general.

Serve Refreshments

Keep your guests refreshed through the ceremony by serving refreshments in the form of iced water or lemonade. A stand could be made at the side so that guests can get some when parched. You can also create a checklist of things to be put in place.

The Shorter Your Event The Happier Your Guests

Your ceremony should be short and sweet. Apart from the fact that lengthy ceremonies can bore your guests quickly, shorter events are economical.

Make Preparations For Heavy Wind

The wind at the beach can be quite unpredictable and so as a rule of thumb, always make preparations in advance. Your light decorations can be tied to poles and seats so that they won’t be blown away. Every other material should be weighed down to prevent the wind from blowing them all around and messing up your decor or creating chaos. You don’t want your guests to be wiped in the face by their table cloths or having the altar decorations blown off while you exchange your vows.

A Comfortable Beach Wedding For Your Guests

These are all critical factors to pay attention to on your special day. This is a wonderful day that everyone wants to appreciate and cherish forever. These simple tips help you to make it a wonderful experience for everyone involved in the process. The main point here is to ensure that everyone has a great time and create a lasting experience.

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