A Guide To Sending Destination Wedding Invitations

Picture this: your most cherished family and friends all gathered together at one beautiful destination to celebrate your love.

Sounds perfect, right? Now you just need to get them there!

Of course, people’s busy lives can get in the way of joining you on your special day, especially if it involves traveling. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you’re sending out your invitations in the right way.

Here’s everything you need to know to send the perfect destination wedding invitations.


Let’s start at the beginning.

Your save-the-date is the first opportunity to share information with your guests.

Because destination weddings involve travel for all, a save-the-date is a great way to increase the odds of more people attending. Giving people as much of a heads-up as possible will allow them to clear their schedules to be there for you.

Remember, everyone who receives a save-the-date should receive a wedding invitation!

Choose a Style That Fits You

Have fun with your invitation style!

Of course, you chose a destination wedding because of its many benefits! Letting that location influence the style of your destination wedding invitation is a fun way to get your guests in the spirit from the moment they open the envelope.

The more creative you get with the style of your invitation, the more people will want to come!

What to Write

Details, details, details!

Feeling confused, in the dark, or even mildly foggy on the details is the last thing you want your guests to experience after receiving your destination wedding invitations.

Make sure to include these details:

  • Date
  • Time
  • EXACT location (be as specific as possible…country, city, venue address, visual descriptions to limit confusion upon arrival)
  • Clear directions on how to RSVP
  • Names of hotels where you’ve set rooms aside for guests
  • Helpful instructions or links to book their trip
  • A link to your wedding website if you have one

Take every opportunity to be crystal clear and your guests will find that booking their trip for your wedding is a breeze… trust me, they’ll appreciate it!

When to Send Destination Wedding Invitations

Timing is everything when it comes to wedding invitations!

And when it’s a destination wedding, it’s a far more crucial part of the process. Here’s everything you need know.

When to Send Save-the-Dates

Typically, brides and grooms send out save-the-dates 6-8 weeks before their big day. But with destination weddings, that’s not enough time.

9-12 months is a safer bet. This will give people plenty of time to plan!

When to Send Invitations

A common mistake with destination weddings invitations is sending them too early. People will put off booking their trips if they feel that they have lots of time.

On average, the number of wedding attendees is 120 people, and the perfect window of time before the wedding to send out invitations is 2-3 months. But keep the unique length of your guest list in mind, and use a time span that makes things the easiest for you.

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