Feel The Vibe: Top 10 Beach Wedding Songs That Set The Tone

What do movies and weddings have in common? They both need songs to keep the theme alive. Regardless of the genre, songs have a way of conveying the message when words are not enough to describe the mood. If you are planning a beach wedding, it is important that you pick the right music that will define the moment. It is a common notion that when you have a beach wedding, the songs have to possess a relaxing vibe. While this is true, wedding songs can also be upbeat depending on your preference. If you have not picked wedding songs yet, these 10 songs might capture your interest.

1. Lucky – Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

Jason Mraz has always been known for creating relaxing music that will remind you that love is in the air like I’m Yours and I Won’t Give Up and this song is no exception. As he teams up with Colbie Caillat, what you will get is a perfect wedding song that will have everyone singing and moving.

2. Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys

A love song that was also the official movie soundtrack of the romantic comedy which starred Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, 50 First Dates. This playlist material will complete a seaside wedding. You can never go wrong with it. Besides, The Beach Boys always sets that beachy atmosphere.

3. Wedding Song – Angus & Julia Stone

While it may not be a mainstream beach wedding song, it is definitely worth listening to. Don’t you like exchanging vows while listening to the lyrics like ” We are gonna build a life together, you and I forever and ever.” Isn’t that romantic?

4. Seaside – The Kooks

If you like a wedding song that is simple and sweet, Seaside is a perfect choice for you. It sums up your relationship when you listen to it. Although the song is short, it is still worth listening to.

5. Happy Together – The Turtles

“Me and you and you and me
No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be
The only one for me is you, and you for me
So happy together…”

This classic song will make you fall in love over and over again. The beat, the lyrics and everything about the song will set the mood of your beach wedding.

6. All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

While Here Comes The Sun is also a favorite, All You Need Is Love is more focused on the main theme of the event, a celebration of love. These Fab Four are geniuses in creating songs that will make you laugh, cry or even fall in love.

7. I’m A Believer – The Monkees Or Smash Mouth

If you want something that is upbeat, this song is definitely a great choice. Originally sung by the Monkees, I’m A Believer should be part of your beach wedding song playlist.

8. Raise Your Glass – Pink

A great song choice for the wedding reception. Released in 2010, Raise Your Glass took the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is part of the album “Greatest Hits…Thus Far”

9. Shut Up And Dance – Walk The Moon

A wedding party will not be complete without playing this song, which gained popularity in 2014. It has been included in the Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40 charts.

10. Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & the Waves

It has been a summer mainstay and a beach wedding playlist staple. This song is best played during the entrance to the wedding reception.

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