5 Gorgeous Beach Wedding Venues in Lovers Key To Consider for Your Big Day

5 Gorgeous Beach Wedding Venues in Lovers Key To Consider for Your Big Day

Lovers Key in Florida is one of the top places to consider when looking for stunning public and private beaches for a destination wedding. It has several venues, beautiful white sand beaches, and clear blue water that make it a remarkable backdrop for a romantic wedding.

Learn more below about Lovers Key’s beautiful beach wedding venues to consider for your big day.

Lovers Key

Lovers Key is a wedding venue at Fort Myers Beach, FL, in Lovers Key State Park. Original plans for the land included luxury condominiums, but now it is one of the most frequented Southwest Florida destinations for weddings and vacations.

This venue offers everything you need to plan a memorable wedding with amazing views, including an event planning service. Create an unforgettable experience at one of Lovers Key’s five separate beach venues along two and a half miles of Florida’s most scenic beaches.

North Beach

If you want privacy for your ceremony without sacrificing the beauty of the natural environment, consider Lovers Key North Beach. You and your guests can stroll to the venue and admire the gorgeous sights. North Beach is suitable for a quiet, intimate al fresco wedding ceremony.

South Beach

For a large wedding with an elaborate setup, South Beach is ideal. Lovers Key State Park’s private tram service will transport everyone to the secluded beach venue. There, everyone can enjoy the picturesque setting.


As part of South Beach, the Lovers Key Gazebo is perfect for hosting a cocktail or sit-down reception with plenty of space for dancing. The Gazebo can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Consider partaking in the Lovers Key wedding event package that includes the ceremony and a cocktail hour or reception. The package comes with delivery coordination of deliveries, gazebo lights, drapes, three hours of service, and reservations for the South Beach location and Gazebo with five picnic tables and two banquet tables.

Mid Beach

Another private Lovers Key beach venue is Mid Beach, which is perfect for small ceremonies. Though this venue doesn’t include concessions or facilities, it’s a quiet and romantic oceanfront location. It’s 1,000 feet from the parking area, making it convenient for guests to walk to the beachside ceremony location.

If you choose the Mid or North Beach venue for a wedding-only ceremony, you could select a simple Lovers Key wedding package for a wedding rehearsal, a two-pole bamboo arch, and a setup/take-down service.

Welcome & Discovery Center

The newly built Welcome & Discovery Center is just off the beach. It’s an indoor option for a ceremony-only wedding or ceremony with a cocktail hour and dancing. Though it’s indoors, this venue still offers fantastic oceanside views.

Plan Your Beach Wedding Ceremony With Lovers Key Weddings

As far as beach wedding venues in Florida go, few compare to the stunning, unforgettable sights of Lovers Key Weddings. We understand that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We have private and romantic beach wedding venues that provide a perfect setting for your big day.

If you’re planning a Florida destination wedding, call us at (239) 765-7788 to discuss wedding package options.

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