A beach wedding in Florida requires careful planning from the weather, season and location. Learn more about the important factors to take into consideration.

Best Month for a Beach Wedding in Florida

Many engaged couples consider a beach wedding the height of romance, and in Florida, our beautiful beaches add charm to the occasion. The sound of crashing waves, the sight of palm trees sprouting from white sand, and the backdrop of the endless ocean work together to create an incredible venue for any couple’s wedding. Know when to plan your beach wedding in Florida so you can create a memorable event that lives up to every couple’s dream.

Tips for Choosing the Best Month for Your Florida Beach Wedding

While choosing when to schedule your wedding day, many aspects of Florida life come into account. Swimming tourists, rowdy children, and sudden storms can ruin wedding ceremony plans, so planning accordingly can help you enjoy your day without worry.

1. Consider the Tourist Population

Winter weddings may sound appealing in sunny Florida, but our beaches quickly fill with vacationing tourists this time of year. The deeper into winter we get, the more people arrive to enjoy their trip to the ocean and get away from colder climates elsewhere. With so many uninvited guests possibly making an appearance in the background of your wedding photos, you may not have the sweet, private ceremony you dreamed of.

2. Take the Weather Into Account

A downside of summer weddings consists of the extreme heat and humidity. Florida beaches can reach triple digits during the height of summer, while storms can appear out of nowhere and turn a day of fun in the sun into a steamy, humid mess. The hotter and more humid our weather, the more likely you’ll have problems with mosquitos and other insects as well.

3. Plan Around the School Year

Planning a beach wedding in Florida during spring, fall, and winter school breaks can also result in an unfortunate amount of tourists interrupting your wedding. Pay attention to local school breaks for the beach you’re planning to marry at and schedule your wedding day around the school year’s schedule. If you have guests with children who still attend school, try scheduling your ceremony on a weekend to minimize interrupting their school year.

Winter and Spring: The Best Seasons for a Florida Beach Wedding

Winter and spring in Florida offer lower temperatures and humidity, fewer insects, and a lower chance of an afternoon downpour. Couples can find their perfect day in the time frame between November and May, so long as they avoid school breaks and holiday weekends. The downside of scheduling your wedding during the winter and spring months involves the higher rates for wedding services, accommodations, and other local services.

Plan Your Beach Wedding in Florida with Lovers Key Beach Weddings & Events

Planning a beach wedding in Florida goes much more smoothly when you take advantage of a private beach. At Lovers Key Beach Weddings & Events, we offer couples multiple beautiful wedding venues on Florida beaches to choose from. When you decide to plan your Florida Beach wedding, contact the Florida wedding experts at Lovers Key Beach Weddings & Events in Fort Myers Beach, FL, at (239) 765-7788.

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