11 Beach Wedding Ideas to Spice Up Your Big Day

11 Beach Wedding Ideas to Spice Up Your Big Day

Is your big day coming soon? If you prefer a small crowd by the beach, you won’t be alone. There are more beach weddings today than there were a few years ago.

The beach has great views, but besides that, it is also an ideal place for an easygoing wedding. You can bring your ball gown to walk down the aisle, or you can dress easy and have a wedding around a fire pit on the beach. There are hundreds of ways to host your wedding by the beach – you only need to be creative.

1. A Green Aisle

Instead of an unmarked aisle on the sand, you can create one with lush greenery to connect more with the natural environment at the beach. You can create a serpentine aisle weaving through the sand to match the waves in the water.

You can use natural grasses that mimic those on the beach or use bamboos and leafy greens to create a tropical environment. Your aisle needs natural elements such as leaves, neutral colors, and wood, among others.

2. A wedding in Color

The beach is the place to ditch wedding traditions you find uncomfortable. If gowns and veils and white are not your thing, you can skip them. When at the beach, you can let go of all dressing rules and ideals and go it your way. If you are a fashion-loving bride or groom and want to explore new ways of dressing for the wedding, take it on.

Without any restrictive rules, you can go for colors instead of block white dressing. You can go for sky blue, sandy shades, or even sunset blush.

3. Anticipate the Sun

The beautiful vistas at the beach make your big day interesting. However, the sun is your energy on that day. Why not have some customized paper fans with your program printed on them?

Also, ensure you include a shade and offer enough water for guests to drink and keep cool. When the guests are comfortable, they will be happy, and that will show in the wedding photos. No one wants guests looking dull in photos from the hot sun at the beach.

4. Plan for a Swim

Are you ready to take a dive into the lovely backdrop? Beachfront weddings are fun, and planning for a day at the beach before or after the big day will be something you and all your guests can enjoy.

5. Be Local

If your wedding is in a tropical destination, then you need to embrace local items and traditions. Start with local blooms, local seafood, and local dances.

If you already decided to let go of traditions and rules, embracing local products, produce, and flavors is an easy way to spice up your wedding. However, this doesn’t mean that you borrow all local traditions, as this will feel less authentic. Inject your individual needs into the wedding and spice it up with local flair.

Seek first to understand what the local area can offer and what you want for your wedding. Merge these two, and you will have a great beach wedding.

6. Self-Service Bar Carts

The temperatures will be high, and people will need drinks without waiting for beachside service. You need to make the guests feel like how they would if you were serving them at home. In this case, however, they are under the sun having a good time.

7. Tone Down Red Carpet Make-Up

You do not need your hair super done. If anything, wind and beachy weather can spoil a fancy updo. You also do not need that red carpet makeup. Instead, you need a look that is effortless and elegant.

This is not your card to ditch the glam team. Instead, go for hair to look like waves and have natural curls. Your skin should also look perfect but effortless. Think about a look that makes you stand out without going overboard with the makeup and the hair.

8. Restaurant-Style Dining

The best way to get the guests in conversation is to bring them around a table during dinner. A restaurant-style setup feels natural during dinner. It is how guests will typically enjoy dinner in a home setting.

Your guests will get to know each other, and this is how you make the event more entertaining. It is the perfect balance between formal and casual dining. Let the conversation flow.

9. Use Bold Tones for your Décor

You have a beautiful destination for your wedding. You only need a few colors to spice up the space. If the wedding is in a tropical place, adding bold red, yellow, and orange colors will make the venue stand out. In a coastal location, go for a mix of soft and bold blue.

You can also go for prints as they will stand out against a sandy backdrop. Consider colored glassware, florals, and colorful vessels. Your table setting should make the guests smile. You do not have to feel like you are in church, yet you are supposed to be having fun at the beach.

10. A Sea Theme

A sea theme is always a good idea for a beach wedding. You can add shells on your cake, create sea-inspired invitation letters, get seashell place cards, and get a beachy bouquet.

Your decorations, the cake, and everything else could also be beach-inspired. Your venue will look natural and effortless with palm decorations and corals, and dried flora along the aisle.

11. Serve Tropical Drinks

The beach and coconuts are friends. You need to serve some signature cocktails and coconut water, among other tropical drinks. You can engrave the coconut with your names to make things even more interesting. These drinks will be great photo props for you and the guests.

There are many more ideas to make the wedding spicy. However, do not forget to make a memorable entrance and an exit. You can use a bicycle so that your entrance feels fun. Enjoy your wedding.

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