Beach Wedding Dresses for Guests

Choosing Perfect Beach Wedding Dresses for Guests

Who doesn’t love the romantic experience that comes with beach weddings? Short, maxi or midi dresses are just perfect. Buttoned, light-colored shirts provide the needed casual look.

Beach Wedding Dresses for Guests

With the cool breeze, a wedding by the beach inherently exhibits warmth and life. A beach wedding brings out a fun and unique, enjoyable experience for the guests. The sand and sun are perfect for you to relish a stunning wedding. Have you already got your invitation for a beach wedding? The news is undoubtedly exciting, and its time you thought about what to wear. Deciding the best beach wedding dress might leave you scratching your head before settling for the perfect outfit.

Beach wedding dresses for guests should explore appropriate styles so that you look great and remain comfortable. Below is a helpful guide for dressing for a beach wedding.

Go for Lighter Fabric

Outdoor weddings come with immense freedom and simplicity. Embrace such ease even in your dressing. For women, it’s best if you use light fabrics that don’t cling to your body. With all heat at the beach, there’s nothing worse than sweat marks on your beautiful gown.

Chiffon, linen, organza, and lace are light and breathable materials that look luxurious. For an evening ceremony, consider carrying a lightweight shawl in case of a cold breeze. Linen and cotton similarly work well for men. Long pants and a plain or patterned shirt are appropriate for casual beach attire. For a more elegant look, a light-colored blazer will do.

Flat Shoes

Heels look great, but they are not ideal for walking on the sand. A beach wedding calls for shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Pair your sandals or boat shoes with your outfit of the day. Most importantly, your sandals should be on the dressier side, with nude or neutral wedding colors. Women wedges are a great option too.

Protect Yourself from The Heat

Aside from having elegant attire, your skin protection comes first. Sunscreen is an essential aspect of the skincare routine, especially for such outdoor events. Additionally, don’t forget to carry an umbrella hat to cover your face from all the heat. Avoid going for sleeveless and dark-colored dresses.

Usually, the beach may experience frequent bouts of strong winds. Consequently, consider an appropriate length for your dress. Flowing midi or maxi dresses will stay down despite the winds. Alternatively, consider folded dresses.

Incorporate the Outdoor Warmth

The heavenly sky, blue ocean, and white sand are the unique elements of a beach. Similarly, make sure to bring in the same warmth with your attire. Go for floral prints and light-colored designs that blend with the couple’s wedding motif.

Most beach weddings are casual affairs. But don’t go overboard on your casual attire. Sleeveless shirts, beach shorts, and tank tops aren’t recommendable.

Formal Beach Wedding

Where the invitation calls for formal beach attire, a long gown is ultimately fair. In a semi-formal event, short and mid-length dresses won’t brush against the sand. On the other hand, you could go for a long gown and dress without appearing too casual.

For men, work with the usual suit and tie. Neutral colors, including grey, sync perfectly with the formal beach vibes. Tuxedos are a bit too formal and uncomfortable under the hot sun.

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