3 Beach Wedding Decorating Essentials

3 Beach Wedding Decorating Essentials

When you are planning a beach wedding, do not forget these essential decorating ideas.

Beach Wedding Decorating Ideas

If you have chosen to get married on the beach, then your decorating can be minimal because of the beautiful setting. Yet, there are at least three beach wedding decorations that you need to consider.

Create Signs

Signs can be a fantastic way to share important information with your guests. You can easily create signs that show your personality as a couple.


  • Direction signs – These can be vital if you hold your wedding on a large beach where guests may wonder exactly where they are to go.
  • Welcome signs – These signs welcome guests to your beach venue.
  • Guest Book signs – These signs ask your guests to sign your guest book.
  • Ceremony décor – Consider using signs to add decorations to your wedding. These can also make perfect photo ops for your guests.
  • Bar signs – If you have an open or cash bar at your wedding, let guests know what is available.
  • Seating chart – Let guests know where you expect them to sit if it matters to you.
  • Favors – Let guests know what you want them to take home as a remembrance of your special day.

Regardless of the signs, you decide to use, make sure that they are securely fastened down to not blow away in the wind.


You will want to get married under or in a beautiful altar. Especially if this is a destination wedding, think about one that is easily portable.

Choose a shape that is perfect for you. While many altars are arches, you may want to get married in front of a full circle, inside a frame, or another geometric shape.

Picking the right size is vital. If you want only the officiate to stand at the altar, then it can be smaller. If you wish to the altar to show in most of your wedding photos, then create a larger one. You can even choose one that is big enough for your whole wedding party.

Whichever choice you make, choose an altar that will withstand the weather. Picking one made of objects that will not hurt wildlife is essential in case something happens.

It is your big day. Make sure you are content with every choice that you make. While there can be a lot of stress, remember you will be married to your best friend at the end of your wedding day. Take a deep breath and savor every moment of your beautiful beach wedding.


If any part of your wedding on the beach will happen after dark, adding some lighting to the scene can help draw guests’ attention to specific areas.

You can use portable generators on many beaches. This allows you to use twinkle lights and other options. Keep in mind the total power load compared to what the generator can handle.

If you are running extension cords, do not forget to cover them up. That way, your guests will not trip on them.

Another great option is to use candles. These can be exceptionally terrific when used as centerpieces at tables where your guest will sit at your reception.

Use lanterns to create an aisle for the couple to walk down, which looks good whether lighted or not. Additionally, some couples will choose to light a unity candle.

A beach wedding venue with on-site planning will likely handle lighting arrangements for you, which is one less thing to worry about.

If your wedding budget seems out of control, consider making your own gel candles.


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