How to Make a Beach Wedding Affordable

How to Make a Beach Wedding Affordable

One of the most expensive parts of your wedding is the venue. A beach venue can cost you a pretty dime, but it doesn’t have to. Here’s how you can make your beach wedding more affordable.

Understanding Your Budget

One of the first steps that you need to take is to figure out what your actual budget is. There are a ton of different variables that make up your budget. Some of them include:

  • Wedding transportation
  • Hotel costs
  • Wedding gown
  • Food
  • Entertainment

Those are just the items for the big day, itself. There are a ton of other expenses leading up to the big day that also needs to be considered. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can shed some of the expenses and still make your beach wedding a day to remember.

How Can You Make Your Wedding Venue More Affordable?

One of your biggest costs is going to be your venue. Beach weddings require you to rent out a part of the beach. While you can always try to have a public beach wedding, you’ll quickly find that people won’t respect your privacy.

Hiring a company like Lover’s Key Beach Weddings enables you to shed some of the cost of hosting the beach wedding yourself. They take care of a lot of the prep and costs for you. They also provide an incredible venue at Lover’s Key, FL.

It’s also worth checking out how the date might influence the price. There may be certain dates that are more expensive than others. You may even find that booking your wedding earlier or later can influence the price. You can always ask the coordinator about when it’s the most affordable option to have a beach wedding.

How Can You Save Money on Wedding Food?

A crucial part of your beach wedding is going to be the food. You can always choose a caterer, but it may be more cost-friendly to have a large potluck instead. Smaller weddings can easily get away with a few people bringing some food. Larger weddings may need to make sure that everyone does their part in providing food.

You should also take advantage of being close to the water. If you need a caterer, then look for one that does fresh seafood. You’ll likely find that they’re able to provide affordable seafood that was caught the same day.

Can You DIY Your Own Wedding Arrangements?

You absolutely can DIY your own wedding decorations. This is a great way to save money on your wedding. Whether you want some party streamers, a few tabletop pieces, or other decorations, you can put them together yourself or delegate the tasks to your bridesmaids. Your decorations don’t have to be extensive either.

One of the great things about a beach wedding is that the setting, itself, is really the only decoration that you need. In keeping with the beach theme, you can always adopt sea life into your decorations or keep it tiki-related. Beach weddings are unique and allow you to showcase your original, fun, self.

Should I Hire a Live Band or a DJ?

Both have their own advantages. However, you may find that wedding DJs can provide cheaper prices. One great way to find a band is to look at local bands playing in the area. After vetting them, you should invite them to play at your wedding for a reasonable cost.

The band gets more exposure, and you get entertainment that doesn’t break the bank.

Make Planning Your Wedding Easy

If you want to make your beach wedding as easy as possible, then give us a call. At Lover’s Key Beach Weddings, we put the stress out of weddings.

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